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Whakarewarewa The Thermal Village

Posted on: January 6, 2009

Ni salah satu destinasi perlancongan yang ada kelainan di New Zealand. Tengoklah sendiri.



History of Whakarewarewa

Te Whakarewarewatanga O Te Ope Taua A Wahiao’
Meaning “The uprising of the warriors (war party) of Wahiao”

We the people of Tuhourangi – Ngati Wahiao (a Maori family tribe) have lived in and around the geothermal activity of Whakarewarewa for over 200 years.

An opportunity arose in 1997 for the people of Tuhourangi/ Ngati Wahiao to begin an independent tourism experience through the living village of Whakarewarewa.

The Whakarewarewa Thermal Village Tours began in 1998 under the umbrella of the Whakarewarewa Village Charitable Trust.

The village experience is not ‘owned’ by any particular organisation or individual rather it is a way of life, a legacy passed down through the generations which continues today.

The land upon which the tours are guided belong to many numerous family groups, who generously allow visitors to participate in their communal lifestyle incorporating Maori culture and traditions.

The people of this area have been hosting visitors and welcoming guests into their homes since the early 1800’s. The Tuhourangi/Ngati Wahiao people have a proud heritage which they have shared with visitors from around the world.

The Whakarewarewa Thermal Village Tours continues to grow in strength with profits gained through this enterprise supporting growth within the village environment.

The people of Tuhourangi/Ngati Wahiao have always been leaders in the tourism industry. It is our goal to continue in the footsteps of our ancestors


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